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Campaign Mission:

The 30 Day Abolitionist Campaign will help open blind eyes in your community to the reality of sex trafficking occurring right here in the United States. The Campaign will guide you through 30 days of activities to help raise awareness about human trafficking in your community, as well as gather information about what others in your area are doing. It is designed for people all across the United States feeling called to join the fight and want to volunteer in some capacity with the U.S. Institute Against Human Trafficking.

For $35.00 (including all materials and shipping) you will receive a volunteer kit containing everything necessary to complete the 30 days of activities. Activities include raising awareness within your sphere of influence on social media, distributing awareness flyers to local businesses, reviewing information to learn even more about the truth of sex trafficking in America, conducting research within your community, a prayer guide and much more. The 30 days ends with a survey that reports your findings back to USIAHT stating what many organizations in your community are already doing about human trafficking, and what more could be done.

Abolitionist Social Media Posts

As you engage in our 30 Day Abolitionist Campaign, we’ve put together 10 different posts that you can share on your social media pages to help bring awareness to the issue of human trafficking in America and how we can end the demand!¬† Follow the instructions and become part of the movement!

Campaign Kit


Proudly wear your new USIAHT T-Shirt to raise awareness, with the message to “Help Us End Human Trafficking in America” on the back.

Awareness Flyers

Receive 50 Awareness Flyers to distribute to local businesses and others in your community.

30 Day Activity Calendar and Prayer Guide

Includes a “30-Day Abolitionist Campaign Activity Page” and a “30 Day Activity Calendar & Prayer Guide.”

Bumper Magnet

Two Bumper Magnets are included for you and a family member or friend to get the word out on the street.

Selfie Poster

This 11″ x 14″ Poster will be used in multiple social media activities throughout the 30 days.

USIAHT Wristbands

Wear these wristbands to bring awareness to #endhumantrafficking.


USIAHT Coasters


Get Your 30 Day Abolitionist Campaign Volunteer Kit

For $35.00 (materials and shipping included), we will mail your 30 Day Abolitionist Campaign Volunteer Kit to get started. Call us toll free or at one of the local numbers below and have your credit card and t-shirt size ready when calling.


Toll Free: (844) 600-7774

Tampa, FL: (813) 895-3390

Los Angeles, CA: (323) 457-0100

Washington DC: (202) 798-0700

Austin, TX: (512) 384-1800

Las Vegas, NV: (702) 727-3400