Boys Safe Home


25% of Sex Trafficking Victims Are Children


New studies show that up to 36% OF SEX TRAFFICKED CHILDREN IN THE U.S. ARE MALES*

Addressing A Serious Need

The number of trafficking victims in the United States is staggering, and yet the number of homes dedicated to their care is unacceptably low. While there are more homes opening across the country, the fact remains that there is a dramatic shortfall of safes homes for survivors. We intend to help change that.

USIAHT’s Florida Safe Home is one of the first safe homes for boys in the United States dedicated to the care of male victims of sex trafficking under the age of 18. The home offers a trauma-based care approach, developed as a six to nine month program, but allowing the children to stay as long as necessary for their proper care.

There are approximately 50,000 to 150,000 boy victims in the United States who are sold for sex.

Of that number, there are only 5 beds available that are dedicated to serving that population.

About Our Florida Safe Home for Boys

Located in an undisclosed location in Central Florida, the Florida Safe Home is designed to serve any biologically born male under 18, no matter where they identify on the gender spectrum. Each child has their own bedroom and bathroom in the home, enabling this unique program focus.  Our financial model is built upon support from the child welfare system as well as individuals, organizations and foundations who want to help.

Our safe home model has been built to be financially sustainable and highly replicable, enabling us to look beyond Florida and begin to identify other States that have the need, and have the right landscape to support financially sustainable safe homes for sex trafficking survivors.


For as little as $9/month, your financial support can help the USIAHT provide more rescued boys in the US safety and restorative care.

Other Ways To gEt Involved


Project Reach-Out uses A.I. technology to crawl websites where potential victims are sold for sex so that help can be offered directly to those being trafficked.

Get Educated

Demolishing human trafficking starts with Education. Select one or more of the FREE trainings offered, to begin to create lasting impact within your sphere of influence.

Trafficking Free Zones

A community-wide strategy to end human sex trafficking through community members and leaders, law enforcement, businesses, schools, healthcare organizations, churches and the media.