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Hope for Hope: Kansas sex trafficking victim put behind bars for sex trafficking

A girl that grew up in Topeka, Kansas is fighting to try to get Kansas’s law changed. When she was 14 a family friend who was 24 took an interest in her. He groomed her into believing they belonged together. She is now serving a sentence in the Kansas State Women’s Prison. “Shawnee County prosecutors charged her with 10 felonies and two misdemeanors, including aggravated sex trafficking, claiming although she was once a victim, she had turned into an active participant.” Her and her lawyer are trying to get her case overturned but they need to get a law in the state that’s allows victims to use defense as the reason. Kansas lawmakers are working on the bill that they want to make into a law.

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Man re-arrested on new child pornography charges

In Waco, Texas a 34-year-old man was arrested last year on a felony charge involving child pornography. He is facing new charges of a second-degree charge. The new charge came when investigators found thousands of child pornography images. Australian law enforcement conducted a raid and informed U.S DHS of suspicious activity.

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