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Jeffrey Epstein pleads not guilty after sex trafficking arrest, prosecutors claim he preyed on young girls

An indictment alleging sex trafficking and sex trafficking conspiracy was unsealed Monday morning against financier and registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. “The victims, who were as young as 14 years of age, were told by Epstein or other individuals to partially or fully undress before beginning the ‘massage. The 66-year-old also allegedly “incentivized his victims” to become recruiters by paying the victim-recruiters hundreds of dollars for each girl brought to him.

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Va. man wanted on sex trafficking charges

P.S.A. from the USIAHT:
Investigators in Williamsburg, VA. are asking for the public’s help locating a man wanted in a sex trafficking case. Evan Anthony Cole, 29 is described as being 6’2” and 190 pounds. He has unique tattoos on his face, neck and hands. Anyone with information on where Cole is should contact Investigator Nichols at 757-220-6238 or call the Peninsula Crime Line at 1-888 LOCK-U-UP.

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Oklahoma Police Chief Arrested for Soliciting 16-year-old Girl for Oral Sex

A 16-year-old girl said she considered 40-year-old Police Chief Stacy Burger to be a “father figure” and “role model” until he asked her for oral favors in exchange for cash. When she declined, he asked her if one of her underage friends would be interested in pleasuring him orally but the girl also denied that request, calling him “sick.” Burger is married and a father of four later sent her a text pleading “Please, don’t rat me out.”

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City man tied to notorious sex trafficking crimes gets only 15 years for child pornography

Scott Wilbert has been linked to one of the region’s most prominent sex trafficking cases — and who once sexually molested a 2-year-old — is going to prison for only It appears that the decision not to seek charges against Wilbert was related to his willingness to cooperate with the government. Wilbert’s “history of sexual abuse of children clearly demonstrates the danger he poses to the community,” Marangola wrote in court papers.

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Man arrested, facing felony child prostitution charges

Investigators said an Aurora man, Tristan Woods, was taken into custody on Wednesday afternoon at a hotel near the 1800 block of Briargate Parkway. Woods is facing multiple felony charges including Soliciting for Child Prostitution, Attempted Inducement of Child Prostitution, Attempted Patronizing of a Prostituted Child, and Obscenity.

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Central MN couple charged with sex trafficking

Investigators put Oriental Massage under surveillance, and detectives saw numerous men entering and leaving the Waite Park, Minn. business. They stopped and spoke to customers, most of whom denied engaging in sexual activity. Three men, however, confirmed that after receiving a massage they paid extra for a sex act. The victim said she was made to split profits from performing sex acts 50-50 with Jiang, and worried for her safety.

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More than 80 arrested in human trafficking sting

Hillsborough County, FL. deputies rounded up dozens of men and women suspected of sex-related crimes as part of a six-month operation targeting human traffickers. Suspects face a range of charges including sex trade, child pornography, etc. The arrests took place at hotels, motels, spa and massage businesses, strip clubs, and adult book stores throughout the county.

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Jackson man sentenced to over eleven years for sex trafficking of a minor

“Trafficking minors for sex is one of the worst, most heinous and despicable crimes we see, and this office will stop at nothing to protect victims and put these criminals behind bars and stamp out human trafficking,” said U.S. Attorney Hurst. Courtney Tremel Louie was actively involved with the sex trafficking of a minor he had transported from Tennessee to Jackson, MS.

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YouTube rapper arrested in human trafficking case as police seek more victims

Angel Ortiz Diamond, 31, who goes by the name Benjiboy Staccs of Orange County, CA. was charged with one felony count of pimping and one felony count of pandering after getting a tip from a relative of the 18-year-old victim. Officials said Diamond posted videos to YouTube “with songs glorifying the pimping subculture.” He used social media to meet young women in clubs and lure them into sex-related work.

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Lake Charles man convicted of human trafficking

Christian Tyler Zimmerman of Lake Charles, LA. has pleaded guilty to one count of human trafficking, one count of distribution of heroin, and one count of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. He used the heroin and got the 19/20 year old female strung out on heroin to engage in commercial sexual activity.

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Man sentenced in teen’s sex trafficking death in 2016

Joseph Hazley, 35, was convicted in March on one count of conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking of a minor, one count of sex trafficking of a minor, and four counts of transporting a person across state lines for the purposes of prostitution. Hazley’s family was in court as Judge Sharon Coleman sentenced him to 32 years. “The family is saddened, resigned and looking forward to his appeal,” said Raymond Wigell, Hazley’s attorney.

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35 arrests in human sex trafficking sting in Warren

Warren, Detroit Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer said, 75 charges — 30 felonies and 45 misdemeanors — have been filed, including transporting a prostitute and accepting earnings of a prostitute, which he said are 20-year felonies. Other charges include solicitation and use of a computer in the alleged crimes.

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‘I’m a monster’: Utah woman convicted of human trafficking faces first parole hearing

Lynnsie Reddish, 22, and Terrance Chavez Jones, 32, were sentenced to one to 15 years each in the Utah State Prison for their convictions of human trafficking. Prosecutors say the couple recruited women who were typically battling drug addiction or who were homeless and would use their drug addiction as a way to control them, providing drugs when they made money working as prostitutes, and withholding drugs when they failed to comply.

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Alleged victim speaks out on terrifying encounter with human trafficking suspects

Kyasha Tisdale and Doriun Thompson of Colorado Springs, CO. were arrested Thursday on numerous charges, including kidnapping, harassment and false imprisonment. “I want justice served, says the alleged victim. Tisdale was on probation in connection to a 2018 case where she was charged with attempted human trafficking of a child for sexual servitude, attempted pimping and pandering.

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Syracuse pimp of underage girls gets astronomical sex offender rating

Eric Oliver, 35 of Syracuse,N.Y. became the poster-child for the state’s tough sex trafficking law that went into effect shortly before his 2013 arrest. The law was written to cover what had been previously considered street-level pimping of prostitutes. His crimes related to the sex trafficking of at least four underage girls ended up with an astronomical sex offender rating today.

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Graham couple wanted on charges of kidnapping, forcing person into prostitution

Christopher Gray Stevenson 27-year-old and 28-year-old Amanda Lynn Starr of Graham, N.C. both held a person against their will and forced them to engage in prostitution. Both are wanted on charges of kidnapping, forced sexual servitude, and promoting prostitution for profit.
Anyone with information is asked to contact the Alamance County Sheriff’s Office Special Victims Unit at 336-570-6777…

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Child Predator Looking to Leave Colorado

Jorge Yon Jorge Yon is accused of soliciting for child prostitution appeared in court to argue his bond. When Yon was arrested on this charge, he was already on probation for drug charges. Yon is hoping to be granted a PR bond so that he can leave the state and live with his Mother in Arizona. was already on probation for drug charges. Yon is hoping to be granted a PR bond so that he can leave the state and live with his Mother in Arizona.

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