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Massage parlor owner convicted of sex trafficking

“The fact that this brothel was active in two cities, in bustling shopping centers open to the public, and in broad daylight is a testament of what these traffickers will do for money,” said Washington County Attorney Pete Orput in a written statement. “Our office will continue to aggressively prosecute these cases to achieve justice for the victims with no voice.”

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Men arrested in Hillsborough Co. for sending sexually explicit texts to undercover deputies posing as teens

Hillsborough County, FL. Court documents show 40-year-old Rudy Siam made a 14-year-old friend on the Grindr app. But the conversation quickly turns explicit. What Siam doesn’t know is he’s actually texting an undercover Hillsborough County deputy.The purpose of the operation was to find “offenders who use the internet and social media to sexually exploit children,” according to the documents. The two apps they used were Grindr and Whisper.

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Former Worcester DA candidate Blake Rubin, attorney Angela Cavanaugh indicted, accused of witness intimidation with convicted human trafficker Fabian Beltran

Beltran was found guilty by a Worcester, MA. Superior Court jury last year of human trafficking and deriving support from a prostitute. Judge Daniel Wrenn sentenced Beltran to 6 to 8 years on the human trafficking charge and 4 to 5 years for the deriving support from a prostitute charge. The sentences run concurrently.

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Utah man sentenced up to life in prison for human trafficking

A 53-year-old man of Salt Lake City, UT. has been sentenced to the maximum possible sentencing on each of eight counts of human trafficking-related charges. Including, Four terms of five years up to life in prison
* One term of fifteen years up to life in prison *Two terms of one year to fifteen years in prison *One term of zero to five years in prison

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The six-day sting targeted prostitution, human trafficking and child predators – busting 124 people. The charges included: solicitation, using a computer to lure a child and traveling to meet a minor for sex. , Sheriff Judd of Polk County, FL. explained counselors were immediately available for those who appeared to be human trafficking victims.

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Two Men Charged with Child Sex Trafficking

According to court documents, FBI and OKCPD investigators determined that Rolando Cifuentes-Lopez of Oklahoma City, OK. owned the trailer where the two minors lived and threatened to evict their family if they did not comply with requests for sex. If found guilty of child sex trafficking, each defendant faces a mandatory punishment of at least ten years and up to life in prison.

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Over 100 arrested during undercover human trafficking operation in Hillsborough County

Sheriff Chad Chronister, with Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office in FL, said among the most disturbing arrests involved Jason Fitzgerald, 36, and Luis Colon, 29. An undercover detective posed as a stepfather with a 14-year-old girl, and arranged a time for the two men to perform sex acts on the fictitious child. The sheriff said the acts they requested to do are “so repulsive, that I won’t even begin to describe them.”

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South Jersey men forced women into their sex trafficking ring for years, jury finds

Two South Jersey men, Barry “Bear” Schiff, 52, of Galloway, and Kenneth J. Crowell, 35, of Blackwood, ran an organized sex trafficking ring stretching into Pennsylvania, coercing and forcing six young women into sex work and collecting the profits. One victim told police that Schiff threatened to “chop her up into little pieces and throw her in the river” when she said she didn’t want to work for him anymore.

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Man charged with sex trafficking, luring victims through website promising help

South Florida man, William Foster, 48, formed a fake nonprofit called “Foster’s Care.” Its sophisticated website claimed it provided free service to victims of human trafficking. Foster targeted young women in group homes, shelters, or those working at strip clubs, particularly low-end ones, where the teens were likely to have violent pimps they wanted to escape.

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Police: Ellington man, owner of ‘sex dungeon’ arrested again in human trafficking investigation

Simon Hessler, 47, of Ellington, CT, has been charged with four counts of fourth-degree sexual assault and four counts of risk of injury to a child. Hessler was previously arrested last year after seeking out girls between the ages of 10 and 12 online with the intent to train a young girl in his “slave quarters” and have sex with the girl.

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North Bay runaway teen turns up in Oakland, 32-year-old man charged with trafficking her

Kevin Fuqua, who authorities wrote goes by the nickname “Knote,” was pimping a teen girl who had run away from her home in Solano County, CA. Investigators say they uncovered text messages that indicate Fuqua was physically abusing the girl. Fuqua knew the girl was underage — having attended her 17th birthday months before the arrest — and forced her to walk areas known for prostitution until she made $500 per night.

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Porn Producers Accused of Fooling Women Get Sex Trafficking Charges

The owners, Michael James Pratt, 36, and Matthew Isaac Wolfe, 37, and two employees, Ruben Andre Garcia, 31, and Valorie Moser, 37, of two popular pornographic websites were charged this week in San Diego, CA with sex trafficking and other crimes. Using “deception and false promises” they lured women who had answered modeling advertisements on Craigslist to participate in sex videos that were posted on the internet.

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