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Hawley introduces bill to document scope of human trafficking in America

A law passed by Congress in 2005 mandated that the Justice Department provide research, statistical review and analysis of severe trafficking of persons every two years in order to know the scope of the problem. Unfortunately, only one was ever done, in 2009.
This new bill will mandate that a comprehensive national study on human trafficking will be conducted every two years there will be statistical information available to the public to see as well as help experts in human trafficking to learn how human traffickers are currently operating and how to stop them. Kevin Malone, president of the U.S. Institute Against Human Trafficking, said that these national studies “would be a tremendous help because a lot of people don’t believe the problem exists.”

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New York Man Admits Running Drug-Fueled Sex Trafficking Ring in His Parents’ Basement

Raymond Rodio III had been running the drug-fueled brothel, which involved more than 20 women in their 20s, since 2014. He set up dates through Backpage and Craigslist.
On February 4th, Rodio plead guilty to operating a sex trafficking ring in the basement of his parents’ home, where he occasionally locked them inside and forced them to use a bucket as a toilet. He is expected to be sentenced to nine and a half years in prison.

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Trump signs executive order to combat human trafficking as some advocacy groups boycott summit

Washington, D.C.
“The anti-trafficking community received a major shot in the arm this morning with President Trump’s announcement,” said Lance Lemmonds of the U.S. Institute Against Human Trafficking. “President Trump has committed more federal resources and more national focus on combating the systematic buying and selling of our nation’s kids than any administration in history.”
On January 31, 2020, “Trump signed an executive order Friday creating a position within his domestic policy team dedicated solely to fighting human trafficking. The order proposes an additional $42 million in funding for service programs and prosecutions…The order also establishes a federal working group on housing for trafficking survivors and a website listing the government’s anti-trafficking resources.”

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Making candles — and a difference: Memphis company helps sex trafficking victims

Leah Gunn, has recently escaped sex trafficking after being trapped for nearly two decades, Leah is now working part time at RE+NEW+ALL, candle company in Memphis, TN, is providing survivors of sex trafficking the opportunity to have a new purpose. “In its earliest form, RE+NEW+ALL was not a business — it was art therapy.” Survivors are able to work part time and work on their goals whether it is reconnecting with a loved one or going back to school to get a G.E.D. Although, severe thunderstorms in January flooded their studio, their inventory was saved.
To learn more about RE+NEW+ALL and what they are doing in Memphis visit their website at

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Sex Trafficking Now ‘In Our Backyard,’ Panel Warns

In Englewood, NJ. the “Sex Trafficking: In Our Backyard” panel discusses how sex trafficking is taking place in our own communities. “Young people are often groomed by sexual predators, who may even be their friends and neighbors, by advertisements and by what they see on social media.” Teen girls report being recruited by sex traffickers on Instagram. #usiaht #endhumantrafficking

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