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How this nonprofit is decreasing the demand for sex

While in production of “Blind Eyes Opened,” a documentary about the truth of sex trafficking in America through the mouths of survivors. Geoff Rogers met Kevin Malone, former general manager of the Dodgers. The two of them began asking why, with thousands of nonprofits in the fight against trafficking in the U.S., were we losing the battle.

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US churches fight human trafficking at Super Bowl as police rescue four victims

Police in Atlanta, Georgia, have arrested 40 people as they investigate human trafficking around the weekend’s Super Bowl sports event in the US. Four victims have rescued including two minors. The annual event – like many large scale gatherings around the world – is known to attract traffickers who exploit their victims through forced prostitution. Churches from the US-based Episcopal Church have taken part in a campaign to help reach out to potential victims.

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Victim advocates, NFL players, FBI, police working to break up sex trafficking at Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta

“It’s not necessarily about football or the NFL,” says Courtney Dow, an outreach coordinator for the Atlanta-based nonprofit Dream Center. “It’s just about when groups of men get together, usually trafficking and exploitation increases. “They’re on vacation, their wives and girlfriends aren’t with them, and it’s also a boys’ club, and it’s time for boys to boys.”

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Project looks to help trafficking victims ahead of Super Bowl

With Super Bowl LIII just a week away and the city of Atlanta seeing an influx of visitors over the next week; human trafficking experts believe the problem may be growing with the crowds. But advocates are also stepping up their efforts to identify and help those who may be being trafficked…The Soap Project is an initiative that places bars of soap and wipes with the number to the human trafficking hotline in places where those who are being trafficked may frequent.

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Not For Sale: Fighting Sex Trafficking As Super Bowl Nears

An Atlanta, Georgia-based faith organization dedicated to eradicating child sex trafficking is using technology to help victims of the crime receive help and even prevent them from entering what could be a lifetime of degradation and tragedy. The Super Bowl brings millions of people into the city and sex trafficking will ebb and flow with the event, just like business at restaurants, bars and adult establishments.”

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