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15-year-old Olivia Durphy of Winchester, KY. said “I’m so blessed I don’t need anything and there are so many people, brothers and sisters of mine through Christ, who need stuff so much more than me,”. This year, she asked her mom to take the money she would use to buy her gifts and give it all to ‘Buy a tree, this year, a non-profit helping children around the world, through an annual Christmas tree sale.

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Louisville woman faces human trafficking charges

A Louisville woman pleaded guilty Wednesday to federal human trafficking charges. According to court documents, the defendant used violence, threats, fear, and intimidation to coerce two young women to engage in commercial sex acts in the Louisville area between September and October 2017.

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Human trafficking victim escapes captors on Thanksgiving Day in Murfreesboro

A Murfreesboro woman who was part of a human trafficking case managed to escape her captors Thanksgiving Day. The woman escaped her perpetrators by jumping out of a bathroom window in Murfreesboro and running to the Thornton’s on Old Fort Boulevard where she called her mother and then police. The 29-year old victim told police she had been sold, traded and swapped for money and drugs in the Bradyville and Readyville areas of Rutherford County, as well as Grundy County, and in Kentucky. According to a police report, the victim said she was given the drug ketamine, which induces a trance-like state, to make her sleep at night. Her captors also forced her to use cocaine during the day, she reported.

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