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Syracuse pimp of underage girls gets astronomical sex offender rating

Eric Oliver, 35 of Syracuse,N.Y. became the poster-child for the state’s tough sex trafficking law that went into effect shortly before his 2013 arrest. The law was written to cover what had been previously considered street-level pimping of prostitutes. His crimes related to the sex trafficking of at least four underage girls ended up with an astronomical sex offender rating today.

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New documentary demonstrates how a Queens court tackles trafficking

In Judge Toko Serita’s courtroom, compassion and education for individuals charged with prostitution-related offenses is paramount. This understanding, empathetic approach to Queens’ alleged sex workers is the subject of “Blowin’ Up,” a documentary by director Stephanie Wang-Breal that explores the hurdles faced by women arrested and prosecuted for prostitution in the borough. Much of the film, which premiered at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival, takes places at Kew Gardens’ Human Trafficking Intervention Court, where Serita presides.

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NoVo Foundation announces $10 million funding opportunity to close on-ramps to sexual exploitation—and open exit ramps

The NoVo Foundation today announced The Life Story Grants, a $10 million, 3-year commitment for programs in the U.S that open exit ramps and close on-ramps to commercial sexual exploitation. NoVo is now inviting Letters of Inquiry for grants across six system-focused “moments”: Housing, Medical Needs, Law Enforcement, Trauma and Mental Health, Immigration, and Systems Impacting Youth.

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In Bethseda, MD. Marriott International today announced that, as of this month, it has successfully trained 500,000 hotel workers to spot the signs of human trafficking in its hotels and how to respond if they do, marking a watershed moment in the global fight against this multinational crime. Sheraton Times Square hotel workers learn signs of human trafficking as part of Marriott International’s mandatory awareness training.

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Two men arrested for sex-trafficking 12-year-old girl, teen

Two Long Island, N.Y. men, including a “self-described Crips gang member,” were busted for the kidnapping and sex trafficking of two girls — one of whom was only 12 years old, police said Thursday. “I know she’s young,” Exavier told police “She looked like 15 or 16, but not 12 years old. ”Exavier also told cops “I was bringing her to the motel, if I don’t do it someone else will.”

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Reported US Trafficking Cases on the Rise as Victims Seek Help by Texting

Cases reported to the National Human Trafficking Hotline are expected to hit more than 11,000 by year’s end, the most in its 11-year history, its director, Caroline Diemar, said. The projected jump in reported cases illustrates that survivors are finding it easier to seek help, not that the rate of the crime is necessarily on the rise, Diemar told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

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19 Accused Of Sex Trafficking At Westchester Residential Treatment Center

New York City, N.Y. FBI Assistant Director-in-Charge William F. Sweeney Jr. added, “Sex traffickers routinely prey on young people and those in our communities who are the most defenseless. As alleged, the defendants targeted vulnerable women and girls, including residents of a facility for at-risk children and adolescents, knowing that the victims would be more susceptible to their claims.

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Safe Harbour Putnam County Presents Human Trafficking in America

At the age of eight, Jen Spry was trafficked by her neighbor. No one knew it was happening. No one ever intervened. “No one ever came looking for me,” says Spry, “because I never went missing. People need to realize that many young girls are trafficked while still living in their own homes, just like I was. You don’t have to run away or be abducted to be trafficked.”

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Human trafficking larger issue than many realize.

In an ongoing effort to combat a crime considered by law enforcement officials to be particularly malicious and pervasive, human trafficking, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation announced this week the 2018 anti-human trafficking public safety notice that businesses and other establishments across the state are now required to publicly display.

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