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Tens of Thousands of American Children Are Being Trafficked for Sex

It’s time for Washington to end this problem.

Your community and your kids are at risk. Sexual human trafficking is a growing problem in the United States, in every state. That’s why we need a single federal office responsible for coordinating this fight across the entire government. With leadership from the President and Congress, we can and will win this fight against those that exploit children for sex.

Protect your children and your community. Help us send a message to Washington that more needs to be done to end the trafficking of thousands of American children. Please sign the petition below. Our goal is to deliver at least 100,000 signatures to the President and Congress, and establish a White House Office to Combat Human Trafficking.

The Petition

Dear President Trump & Congress –

The trafficking of American children is happening in every state in America. Your constituents are being victimized and more needs to be done to stop this scourge on our society. I am calling upon you to create and fund a White House Office to Combat Human Trafficking. With your leadership and support, we can stop the sexual exploitation of American children.