Project: Reach Out


90% of prostituted women want to get out but feel trapped or simply do not know how

Reaching Victims Who Are Trapped In Sex Trafficking

The United States is one of the largest consumers of commercial sex worldwide.  Sex Trafficking is a highly profitable crime that exploits an adult through force, fraud, or coercion, or that engages a child in any form of commercial sexual exploitation.

Many of these victims who have become trapped in this industry experience PTSD, depression, and hopelessness as they feel there is no way out.


The U.S. Institute Against Human Trafficking has launched Project: Reach Out to reach and provide services to human trafficking victims.


92% of sex trafficking victims are physically assaulted


Studies show that 90% of women want to get out of prostitution but feel trapped or simply do not know how

According to the U.S. Department of Justice

the average age a child first becomes a victim of sex trafficking is between 12-14.

How Project: Reach Out Works:

Using Technology to reach out to victims

Right now, in plain sight, traffickers (aka “pimps”) are putting these women up on online advertisements to be purchased for sex.  Project Reach Out uses A.I. technology to crawl websites for phone numbers posted on these ads that are often direct lines to the victim’s cell phones.

After attaining phone numbers, we send out texts to these victims asking if they need help.

Providing Help, Resources, and Counseling

Once a victim texts back, the team at the U.S. Institute Against Human Trafficking attempts to identify what would be most helpful.  Some of these needs include:

  • Tangible resources such as food, clothing, or safe shelter
  • Access to counseling and emotional healing
  • Connection with local authorities should intervention be needed
  • Prayer and non-judgmental conversation

Just in the Tampa Bay area, our technology collected 11,000 phone numbers of potential victims for us to reach out to offer help.

We need your support to broaden our reach to help more victims in the U.S.

Other Ways To gEt Involved

Boys Safe Home

With studies revealing that up to 36% of trafficked minors are male, we’ve built the nation’s FIRST and ONLY safe home for these victims who need shelter, protection, and healing.

Get Educated

Demolishing human trafficking starts with Education. Select one or more of the FREE trainings offered, to begin to create lasting impact within your sphere of influence.

Trafficking Free Zones

A community-wide strategy to end human sex trafficking through community members and leaders, law enforcement, businesses, schools, healthcare organizations, churches and the media.