Our Safe Homes

Caring for Survivors, One Person at a Time

The number of trafficking victims in the United States is staggaring, and yet the number of homes dedicated to their care is unacceptably low. While there are more homes opening across the country, the fact remains that there is a dramatic shortfall of safes homes for survivors. We intend to help change that.

We have opened our first safe home in Florida, with more in Florida and across the country planned to follow. Our first home is dedidated to kids under the age of 18, born biologically male, and who identify anywhere on the gender spectrum. These kids are part of a dramatically underserved population of sex trafficking survivors that are in desperate need of care. To our knowledge, this boys home is one of the first of its kind in the entire United States.

Our safe home model has been built to be financially sustainable and highly replicable, enabling us to look beyond Florida and begin to identify other States that have the need, and have the right landscape to support financially sustainable safe homes for sex trafficking survivors. Please contact us if your community is in need of a safe home and we will be happy to discuss our growth plans in detail with you.

But even while we are developing plans for a national rollout of safe homes where they are most desperately needed, we recognize that at the end of the day, the focus is on each and every survivor, giving them the safety and care that they need to face a new day on their path to restoration.