It’s time to act.

Kevin Malone, President and Co-Founder of USIAHT, led the charge for the NFL’s anti-trafficking efforts leading up to Super Bowl LVI Los Angeles.

In 2022, we partnered with local and national nonprofits to create a National Alliance to fight human trafficking.

The Problem

Human trafficking thrives at large sporting events.

Anytime large crowds are gathering for sporting events or concerts, human trafficking and sexual exploitation increases. According to the McCain Institute, up to 10,000 victims of human trafficking are brought in before the Super Bowl. It’s no secret that Super Bowl cities become breeding grounds for crime and sex abuse.

The Solution


We are creating a uniformed approach to outreach in Los Angeles leading up to the Super Bowl. USIAHT is leading the executive committee to raise awareness, offer community trainings, provide victim services, and coordinate with local law enforcement agencies. We are not alone in this fight. Thank you to our Alliance partners:

  • kNot Today

  • It’s A Penalty

  • A21

  • Inner City Visions

At the 2021 Super Bowl in Tampa, It’s A Penalty saw a staggering impact: 146 arrests were made, 6 victims were recovered, and 18 missing children were identified. During the 2020 Super Bowl in Miami, 47 traffickers were arrested, 22 victims were found and assisted. And there was a 163% increase in human trafficking reports to the national hotline.

Collaborative efforts have proven effective in helping free victims from trafficking.

Results from the Alliance’s Super Bowl Campaign 2022:

  • We deployed outreach in Los Angeles to strip clubs and local motels, reaching 1,092 women—we rescued 70 adult victims and 8 minors. Law enforcement arrested 201 sex buyers and 34 people for trafficking or exploitation.
  • We provided help to 51 male victims and 28 transgender victims, all of whom responded to our text-based support line.
  • We trained 1,335 citizens in the Greater Los Angeles area.
  • LAX airport distributed over 1,000 bathroom bulletins.
  • Uber distributed more than 2,500 rearview hangtags with the National Hotline info.
  • AirBnB distributed digital posters about the National Hotline to 11,200 hosts in L.A. and 4,700 hosts in Orange County.
  • We provided comprehensive training to travel and tourism workers. Our partners included: IHG Hotels & Resorts, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Hilton hotels, Airbnb, Motel 6, Uber, and more.
  • The Alliance created a PSA video spot to drive awareness around the Super Bowl. This video generated more than 3.2 million impressions across KNBC and iHeart Media in the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl.
  • The week of Super Bowl LVI, the team staffed a booth at Super Bowl Experience, educating the 100,000 attending fans over the five days. 
  • An Alliance partner communicated with churches and healthcare clinics to ensure proper education of parents and caregivers, so they are equipped to protect their children.
  • The team engaged and briefed key media early in the planning process to create visibility and establish efforts as the definitive source for human trafficking information. The media generated by The Alliance team generated more than 277 million potential media impressions. You can view the full report here
  • We increased services for trafficking victims, including the homeless community, through street outreach, food distribution, a hotline, emergency shelter, survival kits, and other short- and long-term assistance.
  • We handed out more than 300 kits in English and Spanish, which included a list of missing children in L.A. to hotel staff and management that attended the launch event. 

What You Can Do