Ahead of Las Vegas 5K Race on Saturday, Four Local Organizations Join TraffickingFree Zone Program

TraffickingFree Zones Aim to Decrease Sex Trafficking Activity in Region

LAS VEGAS, Nev., August 29, 2019 – The U.S. Institute Against Human Trafficking (USIAHT) today announced that four more Las Vegas organizations have declared themselves to be an official participant in the nationwide TraffickingFree Zone program. This announcement comes as the USIAHT hosts its first 5K fundraising event, “Stomp Out the Demand 5K Race,” on Saturday, August 31 at Sunset Park in Henderson, near Las Vegas, Nevada.

The TraffickingFree Zone program is an initiative focused on raising awareness and reducing the demand for sex-trafficked victims through collaboration with community members and leaders, law enforcement, businesses, schools, healthcare organizations, churches and the media. When these sectors are activated and working in unison, the TraffickingFree Zone community can expect to see a significant decline in demand.

The new Las Vegas-area organizations joining the TraffickingFree Zone program include the Brennan Law Firm, Sassy Lashes Eyelash Extension Salon, Prosperity Bhang, and Church LV.

“As a Las Vegas resident myself, I know that our community is ready to take a stand against the evil crime of sex trafficking and to declare that we will not tolerate such actions in our city or country,” said Kevin Malone, president and co-founder of the U.S. Institute Against Human Trafficking. “The TraffickingFree Zones program is one of the most effective ways to prevent sex trafficking, because it ensures that important parts of our community are working together as a team to educate the public and fight the demand.”

Saturday’s 5K race benefits the work of USIAHT to combat the demand for sex trafficking, raise awareness about modern-day slavery, and provide safe environments for victims. All of the proceeds from Saturday’s “Stomp Out the Demand 5K Race” go toward USIAHT, which focuses on disrupting sex trade activities through technology, advocating for policy change at the federal, state and local levels, and supporting the protection and restoration of survivors, opening one of the nation’s first safe homes dedicated to the care of male victims of sex trafficking under the age of 18.

Brennan Law Firm is a Las Vegas-area boutique litigation law firm representing individual and corporate clients in a wide range of matters including family law, business and civil litigation, personal injury, and appeals. Sassy Lashes Eyelash Extension Salon is located in Henderson and performs lash artistry, application, and training. Prosperity Bhang locates and provides the highest quality in CBD products. Church LV is a house of worship located in Henderson.

To learn more about USIAHT and its work to end sex trafficking in the United States, visit https://usiaht.org. To receive more details on the 5K race, visit https://usiaht.org/race/.


The U.S. Institute Against Human Trafficking (USIAHT) is a faith-based nonprofit organization fighting human trafficking in America. We work to prevent trafficking by combating demand in new and innovative ways, raising awareness, influencing policy, educating our youth and disrupting trafficking activities. We seek to rescue and rehabilitate victims by collaborating with organizations that are expert at rescuing abducted youth currently engaged in the sex trade. We also collaborate with federal, state and local government officials. With offices in Tampa, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Austin, we are addressing the national problem and also providing on-the-ground services. To learn more, go to https://usiaht.org.