The U.S. Institute Against Human Trafficking understands that to end human trafficking in the United States we require the united efforts of people and organizations to prevent, rescue, and protect victims of sex slavery. We are honored to partner with the following organizations.

Church Partners


Business & Organization Partners

The McCain Institute

Guided by values that have animated the career of Senator John McCain and the McCain family for generations, the McCain Institute for International Leadership at Arizona State University is a non-partisan do-tank dedicated to advancing character-driven global leadership based on security, economic opportunity, freedom and human dignity – in the United States and around the world. The Institute seeks to promote humanitarian action, human rights and democracy, and national security, and to embrace technology in producing better designs for educated decisions in national and international policy.

The McCain Institute is committed to: sustaining America’s global leadership; upholding freedom, democracy and human rights as universal human values; supporting humanitarian goals; maintaining a strong, smart national defense; and serving causes greater than one’s self-interest. To learn more visit mccaininstitute.org.

Child Trafficking Solutions Project

The Child Trafficking Solutions Project (CTSP) is a broad-based coalition of anti-human trafficking organizations, local, state, and federal law enforcement, government agencies, juvenile justice, NGO’s, healthcare providers, child protective services, and survivor care providers, that seek to rescue and restore child victims of sex trafficking. Comprehensive training is offered customized for audiences of law enforcement, first responders, medical personnel, educators, child-serving professionals, parents, and students to prevent, recognize, and respond to child trafficking.


CTSP partnered with U.S. Institute Against Human Trafficking (USIAHT) in 2019 to promote the Trafficking Free Zone (TFZ) Initiative among municipalities, counties, and communities across Alabama. TFZ cities/communities agree to focus upon these priorities: training 100% of employees, training 100% of first responders, adopting a personnel policy of zero tolerance for sex buying and sex trafficking, and implementing awareness and prevention campaigns in their communities. Learn more at https://www.facebook.com/ChildTraffickingSolutionsProject


Protect the P.A.T.H.

Protect the P.A.T.H. is dedicated and committed to eradicating human trafficking from the world, with an emphasis on ending the sex slavery of minors in American cities, communities and neighborhoods. Protect the P.A.T.H. believes that it is everyone’s right to live freely, without danger, harm or humiliation. Through persistent effort, the injustice of human trafficking will end, and freedom will be available for all. Learn more at protectthepath.org.

Childproof America

Childproof America’s purpose is to fulfill the need to empower families in the battle against sex trafficking. Our mission is to educate, equip and support America’s parents and families as a whole, in the protection and defense of their children as well improve quality of aid to victimized families. We are committed to empower parents within our communities, states and nationally to become a united voice to strengthen laws and vanquish the predatory behaviors that feeds child exploitation. Learn more at ChildproofAmerica.org.

Inner City Visions

Inner City Visions is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization dedicated to gang violence reduction and youth development in Florence-Firestone since 2007. Inner City Visions is a funded partner of A BETTER LA, founded by Seattle Sea Hawks NFL head football coach Pete Carroll. ABLA unites local leaders from the private, non-profit, social service, faith-based, education and law enforcement sectors. It’s mission is to strategically break the inter-generational cycles of poverty, addiction and gang violence by using a holistic approach that meets the unique needs of vulnerable families and children. Learn more at innercityvisions.org.

Pasco County Commission on Human Trafficking

The purpose of the Pasco County Commission on Human Trafficking is to 1) promote public awareness of the existence of human trafficking within Pasco County; 2) establish, through relationship building within the community, education programming opportunities for the public and key industries to recognize the indicators of human trafficking and learn to report suspected human trafficking; and 3) advocate strategies, financially and otherwise, to aid rescued victims of human trafficking. Learn more at on our website by clicking here.

Businesses Ending Slavery and Trafficking (BEST)

Founded in 2012 by Dr. Mar Brettmann, Businesses Ending Slavery and Trafficking (BEST) aligns and equips leaders to use the power of business to prevent human trafficking. BEST currently runs three major projects:

  • The BEST Employers Alliance is a national coalition of employers and associations committed to reducing sexual exploitation, including sex trafficking and sex buying
  • The Inhospitable to Trafficking project equips leaders in lodging, law enforcement, and victim services to prevent trafficking.
  • The Safe Jobs project connects survivors and persons at risk with reputable job training programs and potential employers.

For more information, visit bestalliance.org.

More to Life

The mission of “More to Life” is to demand prevention by advancing victims of all forms of sexual violence & human trafficking while implementing youth crime and human trafficking + prostitution demand prevention methods to change the way America and pop culture views exploitation and end it. Let us assist your program clients by providing the unique niche of services for those suffering from a history of prostitution, sexual violence and high risk vulnerable youth without duplicating services but working together. Learn more at moretoolife.org.

Together Freedom

Together Freedom provides up to 28 areas of service and professional evaluation to victims immediately after they are rescued. By first meeting their NEEDS, we are able to build TRUST that opens the door for HOPE and HEALING. Together Freedom will respond after being notified of a victim being rescued. All the services and evaluations are conducted in the first 14-days after rescue. We facilitate and streamline assistance to the victim and provide a comfortable treatment environment where professionals are able to conduct various evaluations with the victim and provide much-needed care and provision. Every child victim’s story is different and their needs are different. Together Freedom helps each victim individually and develops a short-term and long-term plan for their rehabilitation. To learn more, visit togetherfreedom.org.

Seattle Against Slavery

Seattle Against Slavery is a grassroots coalition working to mobilize our community in the fight against sex and labor trafficking. Driven by the belief that the rights and dignity of every person should be respected, we build partnerships that unite passionate volunteers and advocates with local and national non-governmental organizations and government agencies. Together with our partners, we work to address the root causes of sex and labor trafficking, while also advocating for the rights of survivors. SAS seeks to raise awareness and create comprehensive solutions to prevent human trafficking, better advocate for victims, enhance survivor care, and build capacity for direct service providers. To learn more, visit seattleagainstslavery.org.

Paper Jacket

We’re a Marketing & Advertising agency in downtown Tampa, Florida with a flair for the creative and a ridiculous passion for result-oriented strategies. We deliver custom campaigns, content, and video that capture and engage your audience to grow your bottom line. Ultimately, we use Branding, Websites, Video, and Digital Marketing to capture attention with unique, “un-boring” content and help you execute next steps to engage with your audience. To learn more, visit paper-jacket.com.

The Refuge Austin

The Refuge provides long-term, holistic care in a pastoral and peaceful setting for girls, through age 19, who have been rescued out of sex trafficking. Each girl in our care will have her own plan of restoration, which we call her Circle of Care. It will be unique to her age, situation and needs. Our comprehensive approach to long-term residential care includes on-site education services, medical care, therapeutic programs such as gardening, equine, art, music and pet therapy, along with one-on-one counseling and group therapy with licensed professional therapists. The girls are housed in distinctively designed cottages that not only provide safety and security, but also a sense of family and community. The Refuge Ranch is located on 50 acres of pristine land situated in a beautiful and restorative setting just outside the city of Austin. Learn more by going to therefugeaustin.org.