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Sold up and down the East coast: hidden world of sex trafficking moves close to home

In 2018, Polaris reported the highest number of sex trafficking survivors in the United States was 243, their ages ranged from 15-17 years of age. In 2018 the numbers reported to the U.S. National Human Trafficking Hotline illustrated that 7,126 women were trafficked and 2,378 minors were trafficked.
Jasmine’s story is featured in this article. Jasmine Grace was 19 when she met an older man. After graduating from cosmetology school, the trafficker sold Jasmine to men around the East Coast for five years.

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Steven Mayer and Valiant Consultants: A Shining Knight For Victims Of Sex Trafficking

Steven is the co-founder CEO of Valiant Consultants, a US-based firm that offers automation services for Amazon and helps survivors of sex trafficking. Each time an Amazon store opens with Steve’s team, 5% of profits go to Amazon partners that help prevent and work toward stopping sex traffickers. Steve has opened over 600 stores and has given back thousands of dollars to survivors of sex trafficking.

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Making candles — and a difference: Memphis company helps sex trafficking victims

Leah Gunn, has recently escaped sex trafficking after being trapped for nearly two decades, Leah is now working part time at RE+NEW+ALL, candle company in Memphis, TN, is providing survivors of sex trafficking the opportunity to have a new purpose. “In its earliest form, RE+NEW+ALL was not a business — it was art therapy.” Survivors are able to work part time and work on their goals whether it is reconnecting with a loved one or going back to school to get a G.E.D. Although, severe thunderstorms in January flooded their studio, their inventory was saved.
To learn more about RE+NEW+ALL and what they are doing in Memphis visit their website at https://www.renewallcandle.com/


Sex-trafficking survivor talks at Ascension Borgess about experience as a victim

“It’s the same reaction as it was 13 years ago where 90 percent of the audience still has no idea that this happens, and it’s really sad because I work my butt off as well as every one of these agencies and I see hundreds of survivors and there’s still a majority of people that have no idea it happens here,” Flores said.


Gov. Abbott pardons sex trafficking survivor

While jailed in Austin, TX. Robbie Ann Hamilton asked God to help her quit drugs and to get out of that life. After participating in groups like Alchoholics Anonymous and New Friends New Life in rehab, she turned it around, committing her life to helping homeless addicts.


Sex trafficking survivors thrive in new Las Vegas environment

The Metropolitan Police Department has a human trafficking task force that includes the department’s vice unit; law enforcement agencies at the local, state and federal levels; Refuge for Women, the Rape Crisis Center, Seeds of Hope and a network of survivors who meet monthly to discuss how best to assist human trafficking survivors in the valley.


From one survivor to another, helping survivors of human trafficking escape and stay safe

“I never heard from her again. She only had a week left to go before her bed opened up, but the two weeks she toughed it out waiting on the street kept her in harm’s reach,” says Saylor of San Diego, CA. who is a survivor of human trafficking.


‘My Prince Charming turned into a monster’: Local woman survives sex trafficking

For months, she was forced into the sex trade by one of the most dangerous traffickers in the state, if not the country. Karla Solomon barely survived months of torture and what is known as modern slavery. Now that she’s safe, she has dedicated her life to telling her devastating but important story in hopes of saving others from the terrors of sex trafficking.


Human trafficking survivor from Texas visits White House

Courtney Litvak grew up in Katy, TX, and attended Cinco Ranch High School. She recalled how a fellow athlete pursued her on campus and arranged a meeting with a pimp.


YWCA expands services for victims of human trafficking

The YWCA of Northeast Kansas, Center for Safety and Empowerment opened the first daytime drop-in center for survivors of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.